Post Conference Publication Opportunities

The editors of the following journals have all agreed to consider exceptional iEMSs 2016 papers for expedited publication:

      Environmental Modelling & Software:

      Open Water Journal:

      Internation Journal of Limnology:

      Ecological Modelling:

      Environmental Science and Pollution Research:

    Special Issues

    Special Issue on Environmental Data Science

    Karina Gibert(1), Geoff Holmes(2)
    (1)Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech, Barcelona, SPAIN (2)Waikato University, Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND

    An special issue on Environmental Data Science is being produced in the Environmental Modelling and Software journal. The Call for Papers with specific instructions to authors will be distributed in the next weeks. Those interested in sending a submission, please contact Karina Gibert by email at, expressing your interest, to receive updated information in due time. You will be added to the CFP distribution list. Temptative deadlines: (to be confirmed in the CFP) 15th September 2016: Abstracts about 1000 words, 15th December 2016: Full papers about 10-12 pages submission.

If your browser does not support HTML5 you can download the pdf here!