J - Special Workshops for Young Academics


J1. Elsevier author workshop: getting published, getting cited in international ecological scientific journals
Sandra Broerse, Brian Fath and Tony Jakeman

In this workshop, we provide an overview of the Elsevier publishing system including author services and latest trends in publishing (e.g., article based publishing, graphical abstracts, etc.). Furthermore, we - as editors - review some of the major features of publishing including choosing a journal, writing and revision tips, language, technical details, ethical issues and getting accepted. This advice is targeted toward young researchers to help them navigate the world of publishing and get quality articles that impact the field.

For further information, please, contact S.Broerse (at)


J2. Writing scientific papers - 10 biggest mistakes from a reviewer's perspective
Martin Volk and Sven Lautenbach

Publishing papers in high ranked journals is gaining more and more importance in scientific society and is seen as one quality measure in science. Hence, it is important that students learn in an early stage how to successfully prepare papers and publish their work in scientific journals. In the workshop, we - as reviewers - will provide tips and recommendations on how to structure a manuscript and how to write it well. We will point out the 10 biggest authors' mistakes that result in rejections of the submitted papers and answer related questions. We invite also other experienced reviewers to report on their experiences. The workshop is addressing primarily PhD students and young scientists.

Recommended literature:
Wallwork, A., English for Writing Research Papers, Springer Science+Business Media 2011.

Link to presentation.

For further information, please, contact martin.volk (at) or sven.lautenbach (at)


J3. Student and young researcher workshop / meeting of young academics
Anna Cord, Francesco Falcieri and Markus Stocker

The aim of the workshop is to:

- Inform you about the purpose of the iEMSs network
- Update the list of topics already included in our website
- Discuss your ideas how the network should be improved (regarding topics, using Facebook or Twitter)

If you need more information you can contact us at (at)