Paper Submission


Link to conference management system for full paper submission/review.


After your abstract has been accepted you are invited to prepare a full paper:

-> max. 8 pages inclusive all data (text, tables, figures and photographs)
-> max. 5 MB
-> template (doc, pdf or LaTeX)
-> upload as pdf-file.
-> Example for a full paper at final stage - ready for the proceedings

Additionally, it is compulsory to write an "apetizer/summary" (max. 300 signs inclusive spaces)!
The idea of the "apetizer/summary" is to briefly advertise your presentation. We will put the apetizers instead of the abstracts into the conference program in order to save paper.

"Apetizer/summary" and full paper have to be uploaded together into the conference management system. "Apetizers" have to be written into a special description field called "Summary". Please, use the same user name and password for the full paper submission as for the abstract submission.

Furthermore, within the conference management system the author who's listed first is defined as presenter on site, whereas you can list the authors in your desired order in your PDF full paper.

"How to submit a full paper" will guide you through the submission process.

The submission of a full paper is a prerequisite for your presentation at the iEMSs. All accepted full papers will be published in the iEMSs Proceedings which will be electronically indexed, whereas the copyright of the paper(s) stays with the author(s). Please, note, that the iEMSs proceedings (with ISBN) will be available probably in spring 2013. We kindly ask for your patience until then.

All papers in the iEMSs proceedings are refereed by at least two independent reviewers.

If you intend to expand your iEMSs conference paper(s) for future submission to other journals these guidelines might be helpful for you.


Note: Full paper submission and registration are separate procedures! So, you can submit your full paper before you register.

More Information for (PhD) students, who want to take part in the best paper and/or best presentation award.