Information for Young Professionals

In general we aim at supporting young scientists in their early stages of career by providing opportunities for networking with senior scientists to share their experiences with respect to publications, project acquisition and project management as well as lecturing. We do so for instance by conducting special workshops for students organized by chief editors and reviewers of important scientific journals.

Please, find here a link to the official iEMSs Student and Young Researcher Network!
All PhDs and young researchers and are welcome to join!

Further, we offer reduced conference fees for students. Finally, by means of the support of ESRI, ELSEVIER and the iEMSs, students are awarded for best papers and best presentations:

  • 1 x 1.000 Euro and 2 x 500$ cash for the best papers
  • Free entry to the iEMSs 2014 for the three best presentations and
  • One free online access for one year to the Journal Environmental Modelling and Software for the best best presentation

Criteria for choosing the best paper are orginality, depth of analysis, scientific relevance, overal paper logic/flow beneath grammar, clarity of writing and formating/figures.

If you have questions concerning the best paper award, please contact Tatiana Filatova, bestpaper (at)

Information for (PhD) students, who want to take part in the best paper and/or best presentation award:

  • You must be first author on the paper. If owing to different disciplinary practice, please contact us in advance (iemss (at)
  • Our definition of student is anyone who has registered as a student.
  • Students who have submitted their thesis (honours, masters or PhD) in the past six months are also eligible. In this case, please, notify us accordingly (iemss (at)


Call for iEMSs 2012 volunteers

We are looking for 15 students who would like to attend iEMSs 2012 and at the same time would be eager in further reducing their conference fee to EUR 150. You can do this by sharing with us the experience organizing a great international conference and helping the local organization team here in Leipzig.

We expect volunteers who are

  • comfortable with helping our lecturers with the microphones, saving their lecture file to our presentation notebooks etc. (you will get a briefing concerning our conference technique, it's not difficult at all),
  • provide your assistance to the presenters for all conference days for half a day according to our staffing
  • friendly, communicative, reliable and have good English skills,
  • students - please send proof like students' ID or so.

We offer

  • a reduced conference fee of EUR 150 only,
  • puting you in our staffing plan in the sessions you are (really) interested in
  • coffee breaks, lunch breaks,
  • icebreaker party,
  • if still available (not sure yet): ticket for the conference dinner,
  • a great time in an international team!

So, if you are interested, please contact ogarit(at) Ogarit will be pleased to provide further information, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if there are any questions!