Special Events

Please, find more information about the Icebreaker (inclusive public viewing the finale of the UEFA European Football Championship), Vis Lab, earth2100, the Conference Dinner and Farewell-Party here :).

 Icebreaker - Sunday, July 1

In the heart of Leipzig, nestled behind the Gewandhaus Concert Hall and City Skyscraper, you find the Moritzbastei, the only remaining part of the ancient city fortifications. The Moritzbastei was commissioned by Elector Moritz of Saxony in the 16th century and later named after him.

You may register here for the iEMSs 2012 conference, have great food and drinks and - last but not least - if you are interested, you may also join us viewing the finale of the UEFA European Football Championship (public viewing).

Entrance: 6:30 pm - start: 7 pm - Moritzbastei Leipzig, city centre

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 UFZ VIS LAB - Monday, July 2

Get to know the UFZ Visualization Center at the UFZ campus during a guided tour!

The Visualization Center is part of the Department of Environmental Informatics, and collaborates with other working groups from all over the UFZ and external partners. Its aim is to improve the insight into complicated 3D and 4D data sets and foster communication among scientists with different specializations or among scientists and the public.
We use a back projection-based stereoscopic visualization environment, purpose built by BARCO, with an approximately 6x3 meter large main screen and corresponding projections on the floor and two side wings. In order to achieve a high resolution of approximately 6400x1800 pixels, 13 SXGA+ projectors (BARCO Galaxy) are used to run this system. The image is generated frame sequentially for the left and the right eye and users wear special glasses which separate these images, so that they get a real 3D stereoscopic view.

The Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research is working in very diverse subject areas and so the projects at the visualization center are equally wide ranging. However, they mainly comprise 3 different project categories - visualization of scientific data (e.g. from geoscientific simulations), visualization of landscapes and visualization of urban areas. Currently the emphasis of our work is on the visualization of geoscience data.

Meeting at conference desk: 5:30 pm - start: 5:45 pm - duration: 1 hour
Please, sign in at the conference desk for this tour!

More guided VIS LAB tours to be announced on-site!

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 earth 2100 - Movie - Monday, July 2

Directed by Rudy Bednar. With Jameel Ahmad, Janine Benyus, Malcolm Bowman, Reinhard Buetikofer. Executive Producer Michael Bicks.

With live Skype interview with executive producer Michael Bicks.

Based on a television program that was presented by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network in 2009–2010. "This program was developed to show the worst-case scenario for human civilization. Again, we are not saying that these events will happen - rather, that if we fail to seriously address the complex problems of climate change, resource depletion and overpopulation, they are much more likely to happen." Michael Bicks

The initial phase of the project was an online "crowd sourcing" project where viewers were encouraged to submit homemade videos imagining life in 2015, 2050, and 2100 in locations in Africa, Australia, United States, Europe, India, South America, and China. The movie explores what a worst-case future might look like if humans do not take action on current or impending problems that could threaten civilization. The problems addressed in the program include climate change, overpopulation, and misuse of energy resources. The events parallel the life of a #ctitious storyteller, "Lucy", as she describes how the events affect her life. The program included predictions for the years until 2100 by scientists, historians, social anthropologists, and economists.

Entrance: 7:45 pm - start: 8 pm - Passage Kinos, city centre
Please ask for your free ticket at the conference desk in the Kubus foyer.



 Conference Dinner - Wednesday, July 5

You definetely should not miss that! Entering Gondwanaland will appeal to all of your senses as you come into close contact with the tropical rainforest of Africa, Asia and South America: 40 exotic animal species and approx. 500 different plant and animal species.

You are invited to follow the jungle paths or treetop trail and drift along in a boat on the jungle river Gamanile.

After having discovered this fascinating jungle world, a vegetarian buffet with fish will be served. We will have a mixture between seating accommodation and standing room in order to enhance communication flows.

At 10 pm the Gondwanaland will be closed and the iEMSs award ceremony, another highlight of the evening, will commence.

Practical note: Gondwanaland is a tropical place (round 30ºC & 75% humidity) and contains some easy to go, but uneven paths. In contrast, the restaurant, where the buffet is served and the awards are handed over, is air-conditioned (around 22ºC).
So, we kindly ask you to take care of appropriate shoes & clothing, e.g. take along a light jacket.

Entrance: 7:15 pm - start: 7:45 - Gondwanaland / Zoo Leipzig, city centre

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 Closing Session & Farewell - Thursday, July 5

Apart from the convenor´s remarks in the closing session, the best student presentations and best student papers will be awarded. Further, the next iEMSs´s venue will be announced and presented.

After the closing remarks, please join our farewell party! Meet colleagues, old and new friends and take the chance to exchange experiences, thoughts and e-mail addresses.

Enjoy great live music from all over the world, snacks and drinks. And make plannings when to meet next time in Leipzig or San Diego or ... ;).

Start Closing Session: 2 pm - start Farewell: 3 pm, Kubus foyer & terrace