Meetings of iEMSs are joint events integrating different research groups, such as BESAI, ERCIM, ISEM, ISESS, MODSS, TIAS, etc. This diversity among people devoted to environmental research is one of the added values of iEMSs congresses. So, we are looking forward to fruitful exchange in the sessions.

Session participants will present their innovative research work here within a formal scheme: 15 minutes of presentation are followed by 5 minutes for questions.


All proposed sessions of the iEMSs 2012 are integrated into the nine thematic streams:

A - Environmental Information-, Decision Support-, and Software Systems

B - Human Health and Environmental Risks

C - Mitigation of and Adaption to Climate Change

D - Model Development, Analysis and Application: Methodological Aspects

E - Participatory Modelling and Stakeholder Involvement

F - Resource Management and Sustainability

G - Knowledge, Data and Semantic Processing for Environmental Research

H - Socio-Environmental Systems

I - Issues in Water Resources Management

Please, press on the thematic stream of your choice to find the corresponding session summaries.

For a quick overview over all workshops and sessions inclusive organisers, or alternatively, an overview inclusive content please, take a look at the linked pdf-files.

More information on paper submission you find here.


We would like to thank all session organisers for their commitment to the iEMSs 2012.