Leipzig - Culture & Nightlife


Leipzig has developed at the crossroads of important trade routes as a centre of trade, culture, and sciences. Leipzig's city centre combines a remarkable historical building stock with shopping and entertainment facilities that meet the highest expectations. The history-charged, magnificently restored old town holds attractions such as the Old City Hall - one of the largest preserved Renaissance buildings of its kind in Germany - or the late baroque St. Nicholas Church - in 1989 the starting point of the Peaceful Revolution. Due to the multitude of cafes, bars and restaurants, Leipzig's inner city is also worth exploring at night.

The Guardian recommends 20 travel destinations in Germany - Leipzig placed on number one.

Virtual panoramic walk through the city centre or photographic walk around the city.

"Arts Thrive in Leipzig, Bach´s Backyard" - an article published in the New York Times about nightlife in "LE" as the inhabitants of LEipzig call their city.

There are countless restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars (Leipzig is said to be the "capital of pubs"). Ask us for our insiders‘ tips! They are e.g. to be found in the Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse („Karli“) where the students meet or in the Gottschedstrasse, meeting point of the Leipzig cultural scene, or in the Barfussgaesschen in the city centre.

A variety of interesting facts and things to see in and around Leipzig is provided on the official webpage of the City of Leipzig.


City centre of Leipzig