W17. Air Quality Modelling

organized by Roberto San José and Alexander Baklanov

In this thematic workshop we will have presentations from different air quality modelling specialists and researchers. The session will cover all aspects related to air quality modelling including landuse impact, initial and boundary conditions, data assimilation techniques, chemical schemes, comparison between measured and modelled data, computer efficiency, parallel computing in air quality modelling, long range transport impact on local air pollution, new satellite data assimilation, real-time air quality modelling, sensitivity analysis.


Prof. Dr. Roberto San José - Director / Environmental Software and Modelling Group Computer Science School - Technical University of Madrid (roberto@fi.upm.es)
Dr. Alexander Baklanov (alb@dmi.dk)

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Position Paper

R. San Jose, A. Baklanov, R.S. Sokhi, K. Karatzas and J.L. Perez Air Quality Modelling: State-Of-The-Art


Toshitaka Fukiharu Air Pollution in Japan: the Inverted U-Shaped Relation
Lubos Matejicek, Jana Konradova Spatial estimations of air pollution in street canyons by LIDAR measurements