W12: Dynamic and fuzziness in spatial and land development processes

organized by H. Wiggering, K.-O. Wenkel, Ralf Wieland


The workshop will be organized as a discussion platform for environmental scientists. The outcome of this workshop should be a paper that describes the main problems in the context of dynamic and fuzziness in spatial and land development precesses. Furthermore discuss methods to solve the problems as well as necessary future research steps.




At the workshop the participants give a short introduction in your scientific work and the problem solving process in context of the topics.

After the discussion, the original position paper will be revised. It will be co-authored by workshop participants selected by the committee and submitted as a paper of the EMS journal.

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Position Paper

Ralf Wieland, Wilfried Mirschel, Karl-Otto Wenkel New directions and challenges in spatial dynamic modelling of ecosystem functions in heterogeneous landscapes as basis for a better sustainable landscape management


Andrei Kirilenko Integrated Modeling of Land Use Change
Alfred Schultz, Ralf Wieland Fuzzy Habitat Models for Birds of Agricultural Landscapes with SAMT