W10: Uncertainty Management, Spatial and Temporal Reasoning, and Validation of Intelligent Environmental Decision Support Systems

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The workshop will create a discussion platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Environmental researchers involved in the development of applications in the Intelligent Environmental Decision Support Systems (IEDSS) area. Nowadays, AI techniques such as rule-based reasoning, fuzzy models, case-based reasoning, qualitative reasoning, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms and programming, model-based reasoning, bayesian networks, multiagent systems, etc., enable the construction of reliable and real applications. IEDSS are present in the environmental management process at different levels such as hazard identification, risk assessment, risk evaluation and intervention decision-making.

Workshop participants may come from all environmental science and AI fields. Although there are numerous topics that could be discussed, this workshop will focus on the following challenging and cutting edge issues within the interdisciplinary field of Artificial Intelligence and Environmentall Sciences:

These four themes are open problems and foster new challenges to develop improved Intelligent Environmental Decision Support Systems. These themes will foster a challenging and interesting atmosphere for a deep and multifaceted discussion about them. The primary goal of the workshop is to offer the framework for producing a joint position paper from all the involved workshop participants.


The proposed procedure, in the same vein as the other iEMSsÕ06 workshops, will be the following:
  1. The organisers will write a position paper, due by November 30th, 2005, which will serve as a starting point for the workshop discussions. This position paper will be pre-published in the Summit Proceedings CD.
  2. All intended workshop participants will submit an abstract, due by November 30th, 2005 to be pre-published in the Summit Proceedings CD.
  3. All participants will discuss the proposed themes during the workshop.
  4. After the fruitful discussion emanating from the workshop, the original position paper will be revised. It will be co-authored by workshop participants selected by the committee and submitted as a paper of the EMS journal or as a chapter in the new IDEA series book.

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Position Paper

Miquel Sànchez-Marrè, Karina Gibert, Rick Sojda, Jean Philippe Steyer, Peter Struss, Ignasi Rodr’guez-Roda Uncertainty Management, Spatial and Temporal Reasoning and Validation of Intelligent Environmental Decision Support Systems


Jordi Dalmau, Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda, Jean-Phillippe Steyer, Joaquim Comas, Manel Poch Risk Assessment Module of the IWA/COST simulation benchmark: Validation and extension proposal
Edwin Roehl, Terry Murray Non-Linear, Multivariate Forecasting of Hydrologic and Anthropogenic Responses to Meteorological Forcing With Case Studies
Virginia Brilhante Experiences on Empirical Assessment of Rule-based AI Systems for Ecological Modelling
Claudia Turon, Joaquim Comas, Ulises Cortes, Manel Poch Addressing the Evaluation of EDSS maintenance
Xavier Flores Alsina, Joaquim Comas, Karina Gibert, Miquel Sànchez-Marrè, Ignasi Rodriguez Roda Comparing Different Cluster Algorithms In Environmental Databases Using Gesconda
Thania Rendon Using Multi-Agent Systems for decision-making at river basin scale