W1: Workshop on Environmental Monitoring & Adaptive Management

organised by John Norton and Kenneth Reckhow

Natural-resource management is usually viewed as making a one-off decisions or set of decisions, aided by models to predict effects of alternative decisions

Weaknesses of this process:

Questions arising from this situation: References
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Position Paper

John Norton and Ken Reckhow. Modelling and Monitoring Environmental Outcomes in Adaptive Management


George Arhonditsis Modeling in Environmental Sciences: Evaluation of the Current State and Future Perspectives
Robert Spear Village Level Tactics for the Control of Parasitic Disease: An Example at the Intersection of Control Engineering and Bayesian Analysis
Andrew Gronewold, Kenneth Reckhow, Robert Wolpert Developing Monitoring Plans and Forecasting Models for Adaptive Implementation of Shellfishing Resource Areas
Tim Peterson Managing a Saline Catchment Exhibiting Multiple Stable States and Thresholds
Craig Stow Adaptive Management in Complex Systems
Olli Malve, Marko Laine, Heikki Haario Adapting of artificial oxygenation efficiency using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method
John Norton, Kenneth Reckhow Modelling and monitoring environmental outcomes in adaptive management