S6: Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Organised by Carlo Gualtieeri and Dragutin Mihailovic

Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM) is devoted to study transport, dispersion and transformation processes in natural fluid flows, from the microscale to the planetary scale. Within this scope, the subject areas are diverse and may originate from a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines: civil, mechanical and environmental engineering and environmental linking sciences, meteorology, hydrology, hydraulics, limnology and oceanography. These processes greatly affect the quality of natural ecosystems and are largely studied using also modeling techniques and software packages. For this session papers reporting observational, experimental, modeling and theoretical investigations would be welcome.

This session could tentatively cover the following topics:


Part 1, Tuesday 14:15 - 15:15. Chair: D.Mihailovic

14:15. A comparison of surface fluxes between atmosphere and ocean using coupled and uncoupled air-sea interaction model. B.Rajkovic, V.Djurdjevic, and A.Vukovic

14:30. Spatial Estimations of Air Pollution in Urban Areas by LIDAR Measurements. L. Matejicek

14:45. Impact of Local and Non-local Eddy-Diffusivity Schemes on Calculating the Concentration of Pollutants in Environmental Models. D.Mihailovic

15:00. Questions and general discussion

Part 2, Wednesday 9:45 - 11:00. Chair: C.Gualtieri

9:45. Ecohydraulics in the Mississippi River: Freshwater Mussel Dynamics Model. J.A. Daraio, Y. Morales-Chaves, A. Mynett, and L. Weber

10:00. Numerical simulation of flow and tracer transport in a disinfection contact tank. C.Gualtieri

10:15. Erosion of Sediment Beds by Turbulent Wall Jets in Combined-Sewer-Overflow Reservoirs. O.E.Sequeiros, Y.Ni–o, and M. H. Garcia

10:30. Questions and general discussion