What to do in Burlington

Field trip to the Jericho Research Forest

July 13, 2006 in conjunction with the iEMSs conference:

The Jericho Research Forest in the primary field site for forestry research and activities for the University of VermontŐs Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. Encompassing 365 acres of woodland off Tarbox Road in Jericho, VT, this is UVM's largest and most widely used forest. The university acquired the Jericho property in 1941 from the city of Burlington. As part of the agreement, Burlington paid for the purchase and planting of over 70,000 coniferous trees. The forest includes a mix of natural stands of northern hardwoods and white pine, and plantations of native and exotic conifers. The forest is currently home to the universityŐs Green Forestry Initiative, which is defining and demonstrating a new niche for forestry and forest conservation education that emphasizes the integration of sustainable design, land ethics, and real-world learning. The tour will include visits to active research sites and discussions of sustainable forestry practices.