Here you can find the details on style and format of the papers: A typical paper in terms of presentation:

Figures in color are OK, since we are producing only a CD with publications for the Conference. You will most likely need to provide grayscale figures once you decide to submit your paper to a Journal.

To accelerate the review process and to prevent revision of each manuscript more than once, please make sure that the presentation of your manuscript is strictly consistent with the example manuscript (typical paper) in terms of page size (A4 or 210 mm x 297 mm), fonts, spacings, margins, justification, tables, figures, references, etc. Ensure also that the dates and authors of the references are consistent with the reference list.

If you are contributing multiple manuscripts, your initials should be identical on all manuscripts. For example, C.S. Lewis on one manuscript and C. Lewis on another is confusing and is not acceptable.

If English is not your native language, a native English speaker should proofread your manuscript. Finally it is highly recommended that you ask a qualified person to review your manuscript for its technical soundness before submission.