Modelling Hydrological Responses in Ungauged Catchments

Organiser: I. Littlewood, United Kingdom; D. Post & B. Croke, Australia

Modelling Sediment Delivery Ratio Based on Physical Principles
Hua Lu, Christopher Moran, Ian Prosser, Murugesu Sivapalan
Simulation of Stream Flow in the Yantra River basin, Bulgaria Via a GIS-based Modeling Approach
Todor Hristov, Barry Evans, Vania Ioncheva
Water Quality Modelling in Rivers with Limited Observational Data: River Elbe Case Study
Renata Romanowicz, Urlich Callies, Peter Young
Evaluation of a Hydrologic Model Applied to a Headwater Basin in the Rio Grande (USA) Using Observed and Modelled Land Surface Fluxes and States
Douglas Boyle, P.E. Fritchel, G. Lamorey, S. Markstrom
PUB and Data-Based Mechanistic Modelling: the Importance of Parsimonious Continuous-Time Models
Peter Young, Renata Romanowicz
A Regional Methodology for Deriving Flood Frequency Curves (FFC) in Catchments With Uncertain Knowledge of Soil Moisture Conditions
Giuseppe Aronica, Angela Candela
Unit Hydrographs and Regionalization of United Kingdom River Flows: Comments on Some Estimation Uncertainties
Ian Littlewood
Parameter Estimation of a Conceptual Rainfall Runoff Model and Application to Mediterranean Catchments
Antoine Hreiche, Claude Bocquillon, Wajdi Najem
Comparison of Hydrologic Simulations Using Regionalised and Catchment-Calibrated Parameter Sets for Three Catchments in England
David Maréchal, Ian Holman
Approaches and Tools for Evaluating Uncertainty in Streamflow Predictions in Ungauged UK Catchments
Neil McIntyre, Hyosang Lee, Howard Wheater, Andy Young
Monitoring of Svere Floods in the Upper Mosel Basin: the Need of High Spatio-Temporal Density Experimental Network
Gilles Drogue, Abdelkalak El-Idrissi, Jean-François Iffly, Patrick Matgen, Cyrille Tailliez, Lucien Hoffmann, Laurent Pfister
Uncertainty in Quali-Quantitative Response of a Natural Catchment on a Daily Basis
Angela Candela, Gaspare Viviani, Giuseppe Aronica
River Flow Simulation within Ungauged Catchments; the Utility of Regionalised Models
Andrew R. Young, Nick Reynard
A New Method for Defining Flow Duration Curves: an Application to the Burdekin River, North Queensland, Australia
David Post
Regionalisation of Rainfall-Runoff Models
Barry Croke, John Norton
A Proposed Rule-Discovery Scheme for Regionalisation of Rainfall-Runoff Characteristics in New South Wales, Australia
Jess Spate, Barry Croke, John Norton
Flood Frequency Quantification for Ungauged Sites using Continuous Simulation: a UK approach
A. Calver, A.L. Kay, D.A. Jones, T. Kjeldsen, N.S. Reynard and S. Crooks
Simulation of Flow Hydrographs at an Ungauged Site in Taiwan Using a Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model
Yu Pao-Shan, Yu-Chi Wang, Chun-Caho Kuo