Physics and Modelling of Transport and Transformation Processes at Envi-ronmental Interfaces

Organiser: C. Gualtieri, Italy, & D.T. Mihailovic, Serbia and Montenegro

Forecasting UV Index by NEOPLANTA Model: Methodology and Validation
Slavica Malinovic, Dragutin Mihailovic, Darko Kapor, Zoran Mijatovic, Ilija Arsenic
Mathematical Models for Gene Flow from GM Crops in the Environment
Otto Richter, K. Foit, Ralf Seppelt
Simulation of Herbicide Transport in an Alluvial Plain
Kirsten Meiwirth, André Mermoud
The Influence of the Averaging Period on Calculation of Air Pollution Using a Puff Model
Borivoj Rajkovic, Grsic Zoran, Popov Zlatica, Djurdjevic Vladimir
Interaction Between Hydrodynamics and Mass-Transfer at the Sediment-Water Interface
Carlo Gualtieri
A Spatially-Distributed Conceptual Model for Reactive Transport of Phosphorus from Diffuse Sources: an Object-Oriented Approach
Bhon Koo, Sarah Dunn, Robert Ferrier
A Probabilistic Modelling Concept for the Quantification of Flood Risks and Associated Uncertainties
Heiko Apel, Annegret Thieken, Bruno Merz, Günter Blöschl
Parameters Estimation Using Some Analytical Solutions of the Anisotropic Advection-Dispersion Model
Federico Catania, Marco Massabo, Ombretta Paladino
Soil Hydraulics Properties Estimation by using Pedotransfer Functions in a Northeastern Semiarid Zone Catchment, Brazil
Lucio Moreira, Antonio Marozzi Righetto, Victor Medeiros
An Approach for Calculating the Turbulent Transfer Coefficient Inside the Sparse Tall Vegetation
Dragutin Mihailovic, M. Budincevic, B. Lalic, D. Kapor