Pollution Modelling and Impact Assessment

Organiser: H. Passier, The Netherlands

Air Quality Modelling in Latvia
Iveta Steinberga, L. Lizuma
Relative Importance of Model and Parameter Uncertainty in Models Used for Prediction of Persistence and Long-Range Transport Potential of Chemical Pollutants
Kathrin Fenner, Matthew MacLeod, Maximilian Stroebe, Andreas Beyer, Martin Scheringer
Integrated Modelling of Cadmium and Zinc Contamination in Groundwater and Surface Water of the Kempen Region, The Netherlands
Bas Grift, Hilde Passier, Joachim Rozemeijer, Jasper Griffioen
Chemometrics Modelling of Environmental Data Sets
Roma Tauler, Emma Pere,Trepat, Silvia Lacorte, Damila Barcelo
Source Parameter Estimation of Atmospheric Pollution from Accidental Gas Releases
Padmanathan Kathirgamanathan
Issues of Scale in Nested Integrated Assessment Models
Tim Oxley, Helen ApSimon, Ana Grossinho
The Method of Self-Organisation of Mathematical Models and its Application to the Population Analysis and Environmental Monitoring
Liliya Tymoshevska, A. Timoshevskii, V. Yeremin, S. Kalkuta
Operational and Forecasting Real-Time Air Quality Forecasting Tool for Industrial Plants (TEAP)
Roberto San Jose, J.L. Perez, R.M. Gonzalez
Numerical Modelling for Studying the Impact of Urban Air Pollution in Natural Reserves around Setúbal City.
Celia Gouveia, Rita Cerdeira, João Garcia, Marcos Nogueira,Luis Coelho
Robustness Against Different Implementation of Uncertainty in a Contingency DSS: the Prestige Oil Spill Revised
Kai Wirtz, Susanne Adam, Xin Liu, Nick Baumberger