Participatory and group model building for natural resource management

Organiser: M. Hare, Germany

Strategic Environmental Assessment as a Participatory Approach Environmental Planning: Experiences from a Case Study in Waste Management
Stefan Salhofer, Gudrun Wassermann, Erwin Binner
Land Use change for Salinity Management: A Participatory Model
Nigel Hall, Mark Oliver, Tony Jakeman, Allan Nicholson, Bill Watson
Participatory Multi-Agent Systems Modeling for Collective Watershed Management: The Use of Role-Playing Game
Panomsak Promburom
Participatory Spatial Modeling and the Septic Dilemma
Alexey Voinov
How Can Integrative Modelling Contribute to Sustainable Regional Development in Practice? The Potential of Group Model Building – Results of a Case Study
Ruth Foerster, Susanne Kytzia
Obstacles in Launching a Participatory Group Discussion and Modelling Process
Silke Panebianco, Claudia Pahl-Wostl
A Community Decision Support System to Enhance Stakeholders` Participation in Water Resouces Management
Raffaele Giordano, Giuseppe Passarella, Vito F. Uricchio, Michele Vurro
Collaborative Decision-making Processes for Maintaining Biodiversity: Two Australian Case Studies
Christopher Pettit and David Pullar