Uncertainty in LCA

Organiser: R. Heijungs & M. Huijbregts, The Netherlands, & S. Hellweg, Switzerland

Uncertainties in LCA of Plant-Growth Regulators and Implications on Decision-Making
Georg Geisler, Stefanie Hellweg, Konrad Hungerbühler
The Influence of Agricultural Data Uncertainty in the Life Cycle Assessment of Biodegradable Hydraulic Lubricants
Raquel Ferret, Gemma Mendoza, Marta Castilla
An Implemented Approach for Estimating Uncertainties for Toxicological Impact Characterisation
Ralph Rosenbaum, David W. Pennington, Olivier Jolliet
An Integrated Approach for the Management of Uncertainty in Decision Making Supported by LCA-Based Environmental Performance Information
Lauren Basson, Jim Petrie
Implications of Uncertainty and Variability in the Life Cycle Assessment of Pig Farming Systems
Claudine Basset-Mens, Hayo van der Werf, Patrick Durand, Philippe Leterme
Enhanced Presentation and Analysis of Uncertain LCA Results with Principal Component Analysis
Philippa Notten, Jim Petrie
A Review of Approaches to Treat Uncertainty in LCA
Reinout Heijungs, Mark Huijbregts