Landscape Patterns: Simulating Changes, Identifying Driving Forces and Calibrating Models

Organiser: R. Seppelt & B. Schröder, Germany

Implications of Processing Spatial Data from a Forested Catchment for a Hillslope Hydrological Model
Teemu Kokkonen, Harri Koivusalo, Ari Laurén, Sari Penttinen, Sirpa Piirainen, Michael Starr, Leena Finér
Generic Process-Based Plant Models for the Analysis of Landscape Change
Bjorn Reineking, A. Huth, C. Wissel
The Role of Local Spatial Heterogeneity in the Maintenance of Parapatric Boundaries: Agent Based Models of Competition Between two Parasitic Ticks
Andrew Tyre, B. Tenhumberg, C.M. Bull
How to Compare Different Conceptual Approaches to Metapopulation Modelling
Frank M. Hilker, Martin Hinsch, Hans Joachim Poethke
Simulation of Dynamic Tree Species Patterns in the Alpine region of Valais (Switzerland) during the Holocene
Heike Lischke
Aphid Population Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes: An Agent-based Simulation Model
Hazel Parry, Andrew J Evans, Derek Morgan
Integrating Wetlands and Riparian Zones in Regional Hydrological Modeling
Fred Fokko Hattermann, Valentina Krysanova, Anja Habeck
Ecoregion Classification Using a Bayesian Approach and Centre-Focused Clusters
David Pullar, Samantha Low Choy, Wayne Rochester
Assessing Management Systems for the Conservation of Open Landscapes Using an Integrated Landscape Model Approach
Michael Rudner, Robert Biedermann, Boris Schröder, Michael Kleyer