Economic Modelling of Kyoto Protocol Related Issues

Organiser: L. Oxley, New Zealand

The Evolution of Economic Structure under Biotechnological Progress
Haoran Pan
A Spatially Parallel Implementation of a Lake and Land Surface Model Interaction with a Regional Climate Model
David Swayne, Vimal Sharma, David Lam, Murray MacKay, Wayne Rouse, William Schertzer, Paul Huang
The Economics of Greenhouse Effect: Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach
Toshitaka Fukiharu
Functional Parallelization of a Land Surface Model in Regional Climate Modelling
Vimal Sharma, David Swayne, David Lam, Murray MacKay,Wayne Rouse, William Schertzer
Reducing Carbon Emissions? The Relative Effectiveness of Different Types of Environmental Tax: The Case of New Zealand
Frank Scrimgeour, Les Oxley, Koli Fatai
Energy Consumption, Employment and the Kyoto Protocol in New Zealand: Searching for Causality
Les Oxley, Frank Scrimgeour, Koli Fatai
An Analysis of Fuel Demand and Carbon Emissions in China
Baiding Hu
Computational Modeling of Environmental Processes: A hindcast of wind atlas over Irish Waters
Nandamudi Vijaykumar, Jeremy Gault, Robert Devoy, Cathal O'Mahony, Declan Dunne