Model Integration and Development of Modular Modelling Systems

Organiser: W.-A. Flügel & P. Krause, Germany

Integration of Multi-Scale Dynamic Spatial Models of Socio-Economic and Physical Processes for River Basin Management
Hedwig van Delden, Patrick Luja, Guy Engelen
Towards an Open Modelling Interface (OpenMI) – The HarmonIT project
Michiel Blind, Jan Gregersen
DIVA: An Iterative Method for Building Modular Integrated Models
Jochen Hinkel
Geospatial Interoperability in Modeling Frameworks - the ‘GEOLEM’ Approach
Olaf David, R.J. Viger, I.W. Schneider, L. Garcia
Development of Multi-Framework Model Components
Robert Argent, Andrea Rizzoli
MOIRA DSS - Architecture, Model Integration and User Interface Design
Dmitry Hofman
Continuous Simulation in Material Flow Networks
Andreas Moeller
Structured Modeling Technology: A Modeling Environment for Integrated Environment Assessment
Wita Purwasih, Yoshiteru Nakamori
Spatial Modelling of Air Pollution in Urban Areas with GIS: A Case Study on Integrated Database Development
Lubos Matejicek
How Tight are the Limits to Land and Water Use? – Combined Impacts of Food Demand and Climate Change
Hermann Lotze-Campen, Christoph Müller, Alberte Bondeau, Pascalle Smith, Wolfgang Lucht
Using the Object Modeling System for hydrological model development and application
Sven Kralisch, Peter Krause, Olaf David
Developing Natural Resource Models Using the Object Modeling System (OMS): Feasibility and Challenges
Lajpat R. Ahuja, Olaf David, James C. Ascough II
Incorporating Level Set Methods in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Land-Surface Process Modeling
David Pullar
Predicting the Hydraulic and Morphological Consequences of River Rehabilitation
Steffen Schweizer, Peter Reichert, Mark Borsuk
Lake and Climate Models Linkage: A 3D Hydrodynamic Contribution
Luis Leon, David Lam, William Schertzer and David Swayne
A Generalised Conceptual Framework for Integrated Assessment Modelling of Water Allocation Issues
Rebecca Letcher, Anthony Jakeman, B. Croke
Metadata and Modeling Frameworks: the Object Modeling System Example
Olaf David
Integrating Water Quality Models in the High Level Architecture (HLA) Environment
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Fred B. Hesser, Michael Rode
Agents, Bayes, and Climatic Risks - a Modular Modelling Approach
Armin Haas, Carlo Jaeger
OpenMI: The Essential Concepts and Their Implications for Legacy Software
Jan Gregersen, Michiel Blind