Information Technologies for Integrated Resource Management

Organiser: A. Sydow, Germany, & K. Jeffery, United Kingdom

A Multi-Modelling Approach to Help Agricultural Stakeholders Design Animal Wastes Management Strategies in the Reunion Island
Jean-Michel Médoc, François Guerrin, Rémy Courdier, Jean-Marie Paillat
General Requirements for LCA Software-Tools
Nicole Unger, Gudrun Wassermann, Peter Beigl
Grid-based Environmental Risk Analysis System
Thilo Ernst, Andreas Hoheisel, Steffen Unger
Software Environment of a Grid-based Virtual Organization for Flood Prediction
Ladislav Hluchy, O.Habala, J. Astalos, V.D. Tran, B. Simon, M. Dobrucky, E. Gatial, M. Maliska
Optimization of Mode of Operations of Hydropower Stations with Reservoir
Inom Normatov
Next Generation GRIDs for Environmental Science
Keith Jeffrey
Workflow Management for Loosely Coupled Simulations
Andreas Hoheisel
Testing the Impact of Management Scenarios on Water Quality Using an Ecosystem Model
Gideon Gal, Arkadi Parparov, Udi Wagner, Tzahi Rozenberg
OASI: an Integrated Multidomain Information System
Marco Andretta, Giovanni Bernasconi, Giancarlo Corti, Roberto Mastropietro
A Data Warehouse for Physical Flows
Erik Löfving, Anders Grimvall