Evolutionary Computing Methods for Environmental Modelling and Software Development

Organiser: D. Savic, United Kingdom

Cellular Automata Modelling of Seagrass in the Orbetello Lagoon
Stefano Marsili-Libelli, Elisabetta Giusti
Decision-Support System Workbench for Sustainable Water Management Problems
Mark Morley, Christos Makropoulos, Dragan Savic, David Butler
Application of Genetic Algorithms for the Optimisation of Multi-Pollutant Multi-Effect Problems
Stefan Reis, Steffen Nitter, Rainer Friedrich
Using Interactive Archives in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization: Case Studies for Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Design
Patrick Reed, V.K. Devireddy
A Multi-Model Approach to Analysis of Environmental Phenomena
Orazio Giustolisi, Angelo Doglioni, Dragan Savic and Bruce Webb
An Evolutionary-Based Real-Time Updating Technique for an Operational Rainfall-Runoff Forecasting Model
Soon-Thiam Khu, Oliver Pollard, Edward Keedwell
A Fast Evolutionary-Based Meta-Modelling Approach for the Calibration of a Rainfall-Runoff Model
Soon-Thiam Khu, Yang Liu, Henrik Madsen, Dragan Savic
Method for Water Distribution Systems Reliability Evaluation
Tina Dasic, Branislav Djordjevic