Modelling Eco-tourism and Sustainability

Organiser: C. Lim, Australia

Site Planning at Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast, Australia
Christine Lim, Michael McAleer, Ying Wang
Modelling Conditional Correlations in International Tourism Demand
Felix Chan, Christine Lim, Michael McAleer
International Tourism Demand and Volatility Models for the Canary Islands
Suhejla Hoti, Carmelo J. Leon and Michael McAleer
Sustainable Environmental Degradation in Ecotourism Development
Juan M. Hernandez and Carmelo J. León
Ecotourism in the Amazon
Beatriz Garcia, José G. Gasques, Eliana T. Bastosc
Farm Tourism: A Preliminary Study of Participants’ Expectations and Perceptions of Farm Tours
Lyndall Coomber, Christine Lim
Volatility in International Tourism Demand for Small Island Tourism Economies
Riaz Shareef, Michael McAleer