Environmental Decision Support Systems II

Organiser: C. Giupponi, Italy

Appropriate Modeling in DSSs for River Basin Management
Yueping Xu, Martijn Booij
Water Management, Public Participation and Decision Support Systems: the MULINO Approach
Feas Jacobo, Carlo Giupponi, Paolo Rosato
A Dual-Scale Modelling Approach to Integrated Resource Management And Land Use Systems Analysis in East and Southeast Asia: Challenges and Potential Solutions
Reimund Roetter, Marrit van den Berg, Huib Hengsdijk, Herman van Keulen, Martin Van Ittersum..
The role of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in a DEcision Support sYstem for REhabilitation of contaminated sites (the DESYRE software)
Claudio Carlon, Silvio Giove, Paola Agostini, Andrea Critto, Antonio Marcomini
ICT Requirements for an ‘evolutionary’ development of WFD compliant River Basin Management Plans
Michiel Blind
DAWN: A Platform for Evaluating Water-Pricing Policies Using a Software Agent Society
Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, Panagiotis Vartalas, Pericles Mitkas
Empirical Evaluation of Decision Support Systems: Basic Concepts and an Example for Trumpeter Swan Management
Richard S. Sojda
An Integrated Modelling Approach to Conduct Multi-Factorial Analyses on the Impacts of Climate Change on Whole-Farm Systems
Michael Rivington, Gianni Bellocchi, Keith Matthews, Kevin Buchan
Some Methodological Concepts to Analyse the Role of IC-tools in Social Learning Processes
Pierre Maurel, Cernesson Flavie, Nils Ferrand, Craps Marc, Pieter Valkering
Tools to Think With? Towards Understanding the Use and Impact of Model-Based Support Tools
Brian S. McIntosh, Roger A.F. Seaton, Paul Jeffrey
Uncertainty in the Water Framework Directive: Implications for Economic Analysis
Jaroslav Mysiak, Katja Sigel
An Interactive Spatial Optimisation Tool for Systematic Landscape Restoration
Brett Bryan, Lyall Perry, David Gerner, Bertram Ostendorf, Neville Crossman
Assessing the Feasibility of Using Radar Satellite Data to Detect Flood Extent and Floodplain Structures
Edith Stabel
Optimal Groundwater Exploitation and Pollution Control
Andrea Bagnera, Marco Massabo, Riccardi Minciardi, Luca Molini, Michela Robba, Roberto Sacile
Towards an Environmental DSS based on Spatio-Temporal Markov Chain Approximation
Gérard Balent, Marc Deconchat, Sylvie Ladet, Roger Martin-Clouaire, Régis Sabbadin