Environmental Decision Support Systems I

Organiser: M. Matthies, Germany

Concepts of Decision Support for River Rehabilitation
Peter Reichert, Mark Borsuk, Markus Hostmann, Steffen Schweizer, Christian Spörri, Klement Tockner and Bernhard Truffer
Decision Making under Uncertainty in a Decision Support System for the Red River
Inge A.T. de Kort and Martijn J. Booij
Development of a GIS-based Decision Support Tool for Integrated Water Resources Management in Southern Africa
Michael Märker, Klaus Bongartz, Wolfgang Albert Flügel
Possible Courses: Multi-objective Modelling and Decision Support Using a Bayesian Network Approximation to a Nonpoint Source Pollution Model
David Swayne, Jie Shi
A spatial DSS for South Australia's Prawn Fisheries. Using historic knowledge towards environmental and economical sustainability
Bertram Ostendorf, Neil Carrick
Optimum Sustainable Water Management in an Urbanizing River Basin in Japan, Based on Integrated Modelling Techniques
Eiji Kudo, Manfred W. Ostrowski
Application of a GIS-Based Simulation Tool to Analyze and Communicate Uncertainties in Future Water Availability in the Amudarya river delta
Maja Schlüter, Nadja Rüger
Integration of MONERIS and GREAT-ER in the Decision Support System for the German Elbe River Basin
Jürgen Berlekamp, Neil Graf, Oliver Hess, Sven Lautenbach, Silke Reimer, Michael Matthies
An Integrated Tool for Water Policy in Agriculture
Guido M. Bazzani
Towards A Decision Support System for Real Time Risk Assessment of Hazardous Material Transport on Road
Davide Giglio, Roberto Sacile, Riccardo Minciardi, Roberto Rudari, Angela Tomasoni, Domenico Pizzorni, Eva Trasforini