Information Management in Complex Interactions

Organiser: M. Knoflacher, Austria

Role of Politics and Economy in the Worsening of Water Related Problems in Kerala, India
Shadananan Nair
The Adaptive Integrated Data Information System (AIDIS) for a Holistic River Basin Assessment in the Challenge Program “Water and Food” (CPWF)
Wolfgang-Albert Flügel
A Conceptual Model about the Application of Adaptive Management for Sustainable Development
Markus Knoflacher, Ute Gigler
A Model Based on Cellular Automata for the Simulation of the Dynamics of Plant Populations
Stefania Bandini, Giulio Pavesi
Modelling Self-Organization Processes in Socio-Economic and Ecological Systems for Supporting the Adaptive Management of Forests
Alexander Kaufmann, Ernst Gebetsroither
Situated Cellular Agents for Crowd Simulation and Visualization
Stefania Bandini, Giuseppe Vizzari, Sara Manzoni