River Basin Management (CatchMod Session)

Organiser: P. Vanrolleghem, Belgium

The Utility of GIS Delivered Environmental Models in the Characterisation of Surface Water Bodies under the Water Framework Directive: Low Flows 2000 – a Case Study
Tracey Goodwin, M. Fry, Matthew Holmes, Andy Young
A Tool for Evaluating Risk to Surface Water Quality Status
Neil McIntyre
Spatially Distributed Investment Prioritization for Sediment Control over the Murray Darling Basin, Australia
Hua Lu, Chris Moran, Ian Prosser, Ronald DeRose
Appropriate Accuracy of Models for Decision-Support Systems: Case Example for the Elbe River Basin
Jean-Luc de Kok, Koen U. van der Wal, Martijn J. Booij
River Basin Management Plans and Decision Support
Carlo Giupponi, Roberta Camera, Valerie Cogan, Fassio Anita,
Introducing River Modelling in the Implementation of the DPSIR Scheme in the Water Framework Directive
Stefano Marsili-Libelli, Susanna Cavalieri, Francesco Betti
Sensitivity analysis of a network-based, catchment scale water quality model
Lachlan Newham, F. T. Andrews, J. Norton
Dealing with Unidentifiable Sources of Uncertainty within Environmental Models
Ann van Griensven, Tom Meixner
Assessing SWAT Model Performance in the Evaluation of Management Actions for the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in a Finnish Catchment
Ilona Bärlund, Teija Kirkkala, Olli Malve, Juha Kämäri
Assessing the Effects of Agricultural Change on Nitrogen Fluxes Using the Integrated Nitrogen CAtchment (INCA) Model
Katri Rankinen, Heikki Lehtonen, Kirsti Granlund, Ilona Bärlund
Implications of Complexity and Uncertainty for Integrated Modelling and Impact Assessment in River Basins
Valentina Krysanova, Fred Fokko Hattermann, Frank Wechsung
Coupling Surface and Ground Water Processes For Water Resources Simulation in Irrigated Alluvial Basins
Claudio Gandolfi, Arianna Facchi, Davide Maggi, Bianca Ortuani
Investigating Spatial Pattern Comparison Methods for Distributed Hydrological Model Assessment
Stephen Wealands, Rodger Grayson, Jeffrey Walker
Reduced Models of the Retention of Nitrogen in Catchments
Karl Wahlin, Davood Shahsavani, Anders Grimvall, Andrew Wade, Dan Butterfield and H.P. Jarvie
The Evaluation of Uncertainty Propagation into River Water Quality Predictions to Guide Future Momintoring Campaigns
Veronique Vandenberghe, W. Bauwens, P.A. Vanrolleghem