Biocomplexity and Adaptive Ecosystem Management

Organiser: J. Sendzimir, Austria

Principles of Human-Enviroment Systems (HES) Research
Roland Scholz, Claudia Binder
Addressing Sustainability, HIV-AIDS, and Water Resource Questions in Botswana
M. Hellmuth, J. Sendzimir, Yates, David, USA; Strzepek, Kenneth, USA; and Sanderson, Warren,
Modelling Biocomplexity in the Tisza River Basin within a Participatory Adaptive Framework
Jan Sendzimir, P. Balogh, A. Vári
Linking Hydrologic Modeling and Ecologic Modeling: An Application of Adaptive Ecosystem Management in the Everglades Mangrove Zone of Florida Bay
Jon C. Cline, Jerome Lorenz, Eric Swain
On the Local Coexistence of Species in Plant Communities
Jin Yoshimura, Kei-ichi Tainaka, Takanori Suzuki, Masae Shiyomi
Ecosystems as Evolutionary Complex Systems: A Synthesis of Two System-Theoretic Approaches Based on Boolean Network
Brian Fath, William Grant
Benthic Macroinvertebrates Modelling Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN): Case Study of a Subtropical Brazilian River
Daniel Pereira, M. de A. Vitola, O.C. Pedrollo, I.C. Junqueira, S.J. de Luca
Interspecific Segregation and Phase Transition in a Lattice Ecosystem with Intraspecific Competition
Kei-ichi Tainaka, Masashi Kushida, Yu Itoh, Jin Yoshimura
A Model of the Biocomplexity of Deforestation in Tropical Forest: Caparo Case Study
Raquel Quintero, Rodrigo Barros, Jacinto Davila, Niandry Moreno, Giorgio Tonella, Magdiel Ablan
Developing Tools for Adaptive Integrated Water Resource Management in a Semi-Arid Region: Possibilities, Probabilities and Uncertainties
Denise Eisenhuth, Juan Bellot Abad, Andréu Bonnet