Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Integrated Resource Management

Organiser: M. Sànchez-Marrè, Catalonia

Implementation of the STREAMES Environmental Decision-Support System
David Cabanillas, Esther Llorens, Joaquim Comas, Manel Poch, Luigi Ceccaroni, Steven Willmott
Knowledge Discovery in Environmental Data Bases using GESCONDA
Karina Gibert, Xavier Flores, Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda, Miquel Sŕnchez-Marrč
Reduction of Complex Models Using Data-Mining and Nonlinear Projection Techniques
Knut Bernhardt, Kai W. Wirtz
Circadian Pattern Recognition in Ecosystems by Wavelet Filtering and Fuzzy Clustering
Stefano Marsili-Libelli, Simone Arrigucci
Towards Sustainable Management of Wastes: Results of a Modelling Case Study, and the Emerging Environmental Decision Support System Based on the Energy Footprint
V. Krivtsov, P. Dacombe, S. Heaven, S.H. Spiller, C. Banks
Eliciting Sources of Uncertainty in Ecological Simulation Models
Virginia Brilhante, J. L. Campos dos Santos
Assessing the Ecological Impacts of Salinity Management Using a Bayesian Decision Network
Amir Sadoddin, Rebecca Letcher, Lachlan Newham
A Statistical Input Pruning Method for Artificial Neural Networks Used in Environmental Modelling
Greer B. Kingston, Holger R. Maier, Martin F. Lambert
Artificial Neural Networks Prediction of PM10 in the Milan Area
Manuela Cecchetti, Giorgio Corani, Giorgio Guariso
Hazard Assessment of Debris Flows by Credal Networks
Alessandro Antonucci, Andrea Salvetti, Marco Zaffalon
Sustainable Marine Resource Management: Lessons from Viability Analysis
Juergen Kropp, Klaus Eisenack, Juergen Scheffran