Human Behaviour and Agent-Based Modelling (ABM)

Organiser: D. Batten, Australia

Modelling the Dynamics of Public Attention Towards Environmental Issues
Jens Newig, Julia Hesselmann
Modeling Flexible Plans for Agricultural Production Management
Roger Martin-Clouaire, Jean-Pierre Rellier
Fairness Principles in Allocating Water: Integrating the views of different agents
Blair E. Nancarrow, Geoffrey Syme
Heuristics to Characterise Human Behaviour in Agent Based Models
Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Eva Ebenhöh
Simulating Stakeholder Support for River Management
Pieter Valkering, Jörg Krywkow, Jan Rotmans, Anne van der Veen
Relating Choice of Agent Rationality to Agent Model Uncertainty - an experimental study
Dominik Reusser, Matt Hare, Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Coupled Human and Natural Systems: A Multi-Agent Based Approach
Michael Monticino, Miguel Acevedo, Baird Callicott, Travis Cogdill, Minhe Ji, Christopher Lindquist
Simulating Human Behaviour: the Invisible Choreography of Self.Referential Systems
David Batten