Plenary lectures
Environmental foresight and structural change
M.B. Beck (p. 1)

Ten years of experience in Designing and Building real Environmental Decision Support Systems
What have we learnt?
M. Poch, J. Comas, I. Rodrìguez-Roda, M. Sànchez-Marrè, U. Cortés (p. 22)

Participatory decision making in reservoir planning
R. Soncini-Sessa, A. Castelletti, E. Weber (p. 34)

Putting the Decision in Decision Support
D.A. Swayne (p. 45)

Generic Integration in Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems
R. Denzer (p. 53)

An International Comparison of Foreign Patents Registered in the USA
M. McAleer, F. Chan, D. Marinova (p. 61)

Special session
I2A - Integrated Assessment
Coordinated by Rebecca Letcher (Australian National University, Australia)
and Jan Rotmans (Maastricht University, the Netherlands)

Participatory natural resource management: a comparison of four case studies
Hare, M., R.A. Letcher, A.J. Jakeman (p. 73)
A systematic approach to assess highland resource management options in northern Thailand
Trisophon, K., V. Punyawadee (p. 79)

Experiences in an Integrated Assessment of Water Allocation Issues in the Namoi River Catchment, Australia
Letcher, R.A., A.J. Jakeman (p. 85)

A Spatially Explicit Modelling Approach to Socio-economic Development in South Africa
L. Erasmus, A.S. van Jaarsveld, P.O. Bommel (p. 91)

IWRAM: An integrated toolbox for considering impacts of development and land use change in Northern Thailand
Letcher, R.A., B.F.C. Croke, A.J. Jakeman, W.S. Merritt, P. Perez (p. 97)

An integrated assessment framework for combining general systems and organizational levels
Lenz, R. (p. 103)

Environment Explorer: a Spatial Policy Support Framework
for the Integrated Assessment of Socio-Economic and Environmental Development
Engelen, G., I. Uljee, R. White (p. 109)

The ICLIPS Impacts Tool: Presenting climate impact response functions
for integrated assessment of climate change
Füssel, H.-M. (p. 115)

A conceptual model for integrated assessment
Knoflacher, M. (p. 121)

A Grid-Generation Based Method for Information Fusion
Yue, T.X., J.Y. Liu, Y.A. Wang (p. 127)

Integrated Systems Analysis and Sustainable Development and Integrated Systems Analysis
Soroczynski, T. (p. 133)

Long run technical change in an energy-environment-economy (E3) model for an IA system
Köhler, J.H. (p. 139)

Emission corridors preserving the Atlantic ocean thermohaline circulation
Zickfeld, K., T. Bruckner (p. 145)

Global and Annex I emissions corridors for the 21st century
Kriegler, E., T. Bruckner (p. 151)

Multi Criteria Evaluation of low carbon energy technologies
Mander, S., C. Gough (p. 157)

Use of the USPED model for mapping soil erosion and managing best land conservation practices
Pistocchi, A., G. Cassani, O. Zani (p. 163)

Ideas for Assessing the Sustainability Potential of Human-Environmental Auxiliary Systems -
The Case Of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills-
Lang, D.J., C.R. Binder, B. Stäubli, R.W. Scholz (p. 169)

MODSS - Multiple Objective Decision Support Systems
Coordinated by Juliet Gilmour (Australian National University, Australia), Jerry Hatfield (NSTL, USA),
and Phil Heilman (United States Department of Agriculture, USA)

Spatial MODSS

Multicriteria Spatial Decision Support Systems: Overview, Applications, and Future Research Directions
Ascough II, J.C., H.D. Rector, D.L. Hoag, G.S. McMaster,
B.C. Vandenberg, M.J. Shaffer, M.A. Weltz, L.R. Ahuja (p. 175)

Agland Decision Tool: A Multiobjective Decision Support System for Agricultural Property
Parsons, J. (p. 181)

Implementing a process-based decision support tool
for natural resource management - the GeoWEPP example
Renschler, C.S., D.C. Flanagan (p. 187)

A Comparison of Methods for Providing Solar Radiation Data to Crop Models and Decision Support Systems
Rivington, M., K.B. Matthews, K. Buchan (p. 193)

Sesamo ­ DSS For Sustainable National Electric Power System
Cavicchioli, C., A. Caizzi., G. Catenacci, P. Girardi, F. Sala (p. 199)

A multiobjective approach for solid waste management
Robba, M., R. Minciardi, M. Paolucci, R. Sacile (p. 205)

DESYRE - DEcision Support sYstem for REhabilitation
of contaminated sites: objectives and structure
Critto, A., S. Giove, N. Nadal, M. Samiolo, C. Carlon, S. Silvoni, S. Foramiti, A. Marcomini (p. 211)

Renewable energy: a decision support system for forest biomass exploitation
Freppaz, D., R. Minciardi, M. Robba, R. Sacile, A. Taramasso (p. 217)
Feeding Elk in Greater Yellowstone: a Case-Study in Ex-Ante Group Decision Support
Caughlan, L., D. Hoag (p. 223)

Bayesian Decision Analysis In Reservoir Management
Palomo, J., D. Rios Insua, K.A. Salewicz (p. 229)

Lexicographic optimisation for water resources planning: the case of Lake Verbano, Italy
Castelletti, A., E. Weber, A.E. Rizzoli, R. Soncini-Sessa (p. 235)

SelOpt: Selection of Options based on the Balance and Ranking Method
Strassert, G. (p. 241)

Using soft-systems methods to evaluate the outputs
from multi-objective land use planning tools
Matthews, K.B., K. Buchan, A.R. Sibbald, S. Craw (p. 247)
The Facilitator - An Open Source Effort to Support Multiobjective Decision Making
Heilman, P., G. Davis, P. Lawrence, J.L. Hatfield, J. Huddleston (p. 253)

Implementing Soil and Water Conservation Production Systems at the Farm Level
Napier, T. L., S.M. Napier (p. 259)

Multi-criteria decision support system and Data Warehouse for designing
and monitoring sustainable industrial strategies - an Italian case study
Di Mauro, C., J.P. Nordvik, A.C. Lucia (p. 265)
ISESS - International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems
Coordinated by Robert Argent (University of Melbourne, Australia), and Dave Swayne (University of Guelph, Canada)
A modelling framework incorporating a map algebra programming language
Pullar, D. (p. 271)

Making Frameworks More Useable: Using Model Introspection and Metadata to Develop Model Processing Tools
Rahman, J.M., S. Seaton, S.M. Cuddy (p. 277)

The JDEVS hybrid modelling and simulation environment
Filippi, J.B., M. Delhom, F. Bernardi (p. 283)

Improving the model development cycle by automatic configuration of modelling tools
de Jong, K., C.G. Wesseling, D. Karssenberg (p. 289)

Model integration for assessing future hydroclimate impacts on water resources,
environmental quality and social welfare
Quinn N.W.T., L.D. Brekke, K.E. Bashford, N.L. Miller, H. Hidalgo, P. Raju, J.A. Dracup (p. 294)

Lean interfaces for integrated catchment management models: Rapid development using ICMS
Cuddy, S.M., R.A. Letcher, M.B. Reed (p. 300)

Multi-model integration in decision support system: a technical user interface
approach for watershed and lake management scenarios
Leon, L.F., D. Lam., S. Hamilton, N. Crookshank, D. Bonin, D. Swayne (p. 306)

A regional water quality model designed for a range of users and for software re-use
Vertessy, R.A., J.M. Rahman, F.G.R. Watson, R.M. Argent, S.M. Cuddy, S.P. Seaton (p. 312)

Interaction protocols for a network of environmental problem solvers
Purvis, M.K., P. Hwang, M.A. Purvis, S.J. Cranefield, M. Schievink (p. 318)

Data Frameworks for Environmental Modelling
Argent, R.M., C. Maul, T. Krämerkämper (p. 324)

Knowledge Based Environmental Data Validation
Manzoni, S., S. Bandini, D. Bogni (p. 330)

INVISIP: Establishment of a Context Repository to Support the Site Planning Process
Göbel, S., J. Haist, C. Kares, U. Jasnoch (p. 336)

Simulation of Pesticide Percolation in the Soil Based on Cellular Automata
Bandini, S., G. Pavesi (p. 342)

SpaSim: A Software to Simulate Celular Automata Models
Moreno, N., M. Ablan, G. Tonella (p. 348)

Ecological Modelling Using the Spreadsheet Model TabSim
Matejícèk, L. (p. 354)

GEOREF: a Software for Improving the Use
of Remote Sensing Images in Environmental Applications
Carrion, D., M. Gianinetto, M. Scaioni (p. 360)

The emission inventory system for Upper Austria: The role of environmental
information systems in translating complex information to a user's requirements
Winiwarter, W., G. Schimak (p. 366)

On line simulation system for industrial accidents
Bellasio, R., R. Bianconi (p. 372)

Outlook-Based Concept for the Population and Updating
of a Meta-Information System in Environmental Administration
Fischer-Stabel, P., R. Krieger, E. Rietzke (p. 378)

A Metadata-based System for Urban Transportation Data Provision and Analysis
Salim, V., G. Trinidad, N. Smith, L. Marquez (p. 384)

BESAI - Binding Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence
Coordinated by Miquel Sànchez-Marrè (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Catalonia, Spain)

Multi-Agent Systems

RagBus: A Universal Decision Support Platform Based on Intelligent Reflective Agents
Jing, G. (p. 390)
Intelligent Model Management in a Forest Ecosystem Management Decision Support System
Nute, D., W.D. Potter, F. Maier, J. Wang, M. Twery,
H.M. Rauscher, P. Knopp, S. Thomasma, M. Dass, H. Uchiyama (p. 396)

Implementation of a Multiagent Prototype for WWTP Management
Borrell, F., D. Riaño, M. Sànchez-Marrè, I. Rodríguez-Roda (p. 402)

Designing a Multi-Agent System for Integrated Protection in Agriculture
Perini, A., A. Susi (p. 408)
Data Mining and Environmental Modelling

Environmental Data Mining and Modelling Based on Machine Learning Algorithms and Geostatistics
Kanevski, M., R. Parkin, A. Pozdnukhov,
V. Timonin, M. Maignan, B. Yatsalo, S. Canu (p. 414)

Development of an Intelligent Data Analysis System
for Knowledge Management in Environmental Data Bases
Gibert, K., M. Sànchez-Marrè, I. Rodríguez-Roda, E. Bueno,
L. Mozo, A. Clavell, M. Martín, P. Rougé (p. 420)

Plant disease models. Critical issues in development and use
Susi, A., A. Perini, E. Olivetti (p. 426)

OntoWEDSS: an ontology-underpinned decision-support system for wastewater management
Ceccaroni, L., U. Cortés, M. Sànchez-Marrè (p. 432)
Fuzzy Reasoning, Knowledge-Based Reasoning and Case-Based Reasoning

Fuzzy Prediction of the Algal Blooms in the Orbetello Lagoon
Marsili-Libelli, S., G. Pacini, C. Barresi (p. 438)

The STREAMES project: linking heuristic and empirical knowledge
into an Expert System to assess stream managers.
Comas, J., E. Llorens, M. Poch, G. Markakis, T. Battin, S. Gafny, E. Maneux, E. Martí,
M. Morais, M.A. Puig, M. Pusch, J.L. Riera, F. Sabater, A.G. Solimini, P. Vervier (p. 444)

Classifying Environmental System Situations by means of Case-Based Reasoning: a Comparative Study
Núñez, H., M. Sànchez-Marrè, U. Cortés, Q. Comas, M. Martínez, M. Poch (p. 450)
ISEM - International Society for Ecological Modelling
Coordinated by Lachlan Newham (Australian National University, Australia),
and Tarzan Legovic (Institut Ruder Boskovic, Croatia)

Growth dynamics of tropical savanna grasses: from individual-shoots to plant models
Raventós, J., M.F. Acevedo, J. Segarra (p. 456)

Comparing basal area growth models, consistency of parameters, and accuracy of prediction
Colbert, J.J., M. Schuckers, D. Fekedulegn (p. 462)

Modeling spatial spread of genetic information via pollen dispersal:
coupling of population dynamics and genetics
Richter, O., R. Seppelt (p. 468)

Modelling an Untended Scottish Forest Ecosystem Utilising Standard and Customised Software
Walker, S.J.J., R. Watling, H.J Staines, A. Garside,
Krivtsov, V., D. Knott, J.W. Palfreyman (p. 473)

The control of algal bloom damages to clam yield
in a North Adriatic coastal lagoon (Sacca di Goro, Italy)
Cellina, F., G.A. De Leo, M. Bartoli, P. Viaroli (p. 479)

A model for the trophic food web of the Gulf of Trieste
Cossarini G., C. Solidoro, A. Crise (p. 485)

Three-Dimensional Modelling of a Microcystis bloom event in a Western Australian Estuary
Robson, B.J., D.P. Hamilton (p. 491)

An agent-group-role based modelling framework for participative water management support
Abrami, G., O. Barreteau, F. Cernesson (p. 497)

A comparison of model structures for the simulation of amphipod (Talitrus saltator) population dynamics
Anastácio, P.M., S.C. Gonçalves, M.A. Pardal and J.C. Marques (p. 503)

An Adaptive Framework for Ecological Assessment and Management
Mauriello, D.A., R.A. Park (p. 509)

Uncertainty in Dynamic Process to Extinction.
Tainaka, K., N. Nakagiri, T. Sakata, T. Tao (p. 515)

Indirect effect of habitat destruction on ecosystems
Nakagiri, N., K. Tainaka (p. 521)
ERCIM - 9th Working Group Environmental Modelling Workshop
Coordinated by Achim Sydow and Thomas Lux (GMD First, Germany)

Modelling the spreading of air pollution with weather models
Weiss, A., D. Schaub, P. Hofer (p. 527)

Predicting Ozone Peaks : A combined CBR and cell mapping approach
Pearson, D.M. Batton-Hubert, G. Herrera Garcia (p. 532)

Spatial correlation analysis of nitrogen dioxide concentrations in the area of Milan, Italy
Dubois, G.,M. Saisana, A. Chaloulakou, N. Spyrellis (p. 536)

New Method Of Environmental Assessment Based
On The Methods Of Self-Organization Of Mathematical Models
Timoshevski, A.N., V.I. Yeremin, S.A. Kalkuta (p. 542)