iEMSs 2002 sessions (part one)


Integrating Management and Decision Support
Coordinated by Susan M. Cuddy (CSIRO, Australia)

Evaluation methods

INVITED PAPER: Multi-criterion graphic software for supporting a search 
for efficient environmental strategies: method and real-life applications
Lotov, A.V., L.V. Bourmistrova, V.A. Bushenkov, R.V. Efremov, G.K. Kamenev (p.1)

Single-objective vs. Multiobjective Optimisation for Integrated Decision Support
Savic, D. (p.7)

Environmental Damage Assessment applied to Process Analysis. A Decision Support Alternative
Herrera, I., L. Kulay, L. Jiménez, M. Schuhmacher (p.13)

Environmental assessment integrated with process simulation for process design
Herrera, I., M. Schuhmacher, L. Jiménez, F. Castells (p.19)

A DSS for the evaluation of the consequences of natural hazards on a complex territorial system
Fiorucci, P., F. Gaetani, R. Minciardi, E. Trasforini (p.25)

Immersive, Interactive Exploration of Changing Landscapes
Stock, C., I.D. Bishop (p.30)

An integrated multi-scaled decision support framework used in the formulation 
and evaluation of land-use planning scenarios for the growth of Hervey Bay
Pettit, C., D. Pullar, R. Stimson (p.36)

Evaluating Management Strategies In Paraguaçu River Basin By Analytic Hierarchy Process 
Srdjevic, B., Y. Medeiros, Z. Srdjevic, M. Schaer (p.42)
Water Management

A Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation
Wong, T.H.F, T.D. Fletcher, H.P. Duncan, J.R. Coleman, G.A. Jenkins (p.48)

A Decision Support GIS for the Clean Water Act Permit Review Analysis
Ji, W., R. Wahab, J. Ma (p.54)

Environmental Modelling in Urban Areas with GIS
Matejícek, L., L. Benesová, J. Tonika (p.60)

Linking research, policy and practice for managing dynamic water resources in a protected area
Somorowska, U. (p.66)
Land management

Parameterizing GPFARM: An Agricultural Decision Support System 
for Integrating Science, Economics, Resource Use, and Environmental Impacts
McMaster, G.S., J.C. Ascough II, M.J. Shaffer, P.F. Byrne, S.D. Haley, 
D.C. Nielsen, A.A. Andales, G.H. Dunn, M.A. Weltz, L.R. Ahuja (p.72)

PlanIT - a multiuser 4D decision support tool for land and water resource planning
Holyland, P.W. (p.78)

Ecologic and economic modelling in agricultural land use scenarios
Münier, B., J.S. Schou, K. Birr-Pedersen (p.84)

A Negotiation Support Tool for Assessment of Land Use Change Impacts 
on Erosion in a Previously Forested Watershed in Lampung, Sumatra, Indonesia
Verbist, B.J.P., M. van Noordwijk, A.C. Tameling, K.C.L. Schmitz, S.B.L. Ranieri (p.90)
Decision making / process

Choice processes in modelling for policy support
Kloprogge, P., J.P. van der Sluijs (p.96)

Catchment modelling ­ A resource manager's perspective
Caminiti, J.E.	 (p.102)

Informing the Decision Process to Improve the Sustainability 
of an Urban Greenfield Development Water System
Mitchell, V.G.	 (p.108)

Modelling of the Collective Decision Making Process for Compact Manufacture Organisation
Svirsky, D.N.	 (p.114)
Decision making / integration

Integrated Modelling and Decision Support Tools: A Mediterranean example
Oxley, T., N. Winder, B. McIntosh, M. Mulligan, G. Engelen	 (p.120)

An innovative modelling concept for integrated water resources management linking hydrological 
functioning and socio-economic behaviour - The Hérault catchment case study, south of France.
Giraud, F., S. Lanini, J.D. Rinaudo, V. Petit, N. Courtois (p.126)

Some Novel Information Systems for the Empowerment of a Decision-Making Process 
on a Territory: Outcomes from a Four Years Participatory Modeling in Senegal
d'Aquino, P. (p.132)

Decision support for water resource management: An application example of the MULINO DSS.
Mysiak, J., C. Giupponi, A. Fassio (p.138)
Hazard monitoring / Prediction/ Assessment

Probabilistic Ecological Risk Assessment Framework for Chemical Substances
Verdonck, F.A.M., J. Jaworska, C.R. Janssen, P.A. Vanrolleghem (p.144)

DRIPS - A DSS estimating the input quantity of pesticides for German river basins
Röpke, B., M. Bach, H.G. Frede (p.150)

EGPE®: A computer decision-support tool for the Eco-management 
of animal manure as agricultural fertiliser
Vega, M.M., G. Carbonell, M.V. Pablos, C. Ramos, 
C. Fernández, J.A. Ortíz, J.V. Tarazona	 (p.156)

Using models to predict methane reduction in pasture-fed dairy cows
Palliser, C.C., S.L. Woodward (p.162)

Ask LENNART: Decision support in multiple environments
Hannerz, N., D. Collentine, M. Larsson	 (p.168)

A Simulation System for Waste Management A Simulation System for Waste Management - 
From System Dynamics Modelling to Decision Support 
Wäger, P.A., L.M. Hilty (p.174)

Continuous Contaminated site Monitoring (CCSM) 
Integrated remote real-time supervision for old coking-plant site 
Portet, F., K. Szafnicki, J. Bourgois, V. Milon (p.180)

The Inemar Database: a Tool for Regional Atmospheric Emission Inventory
Caserini, S., A. Fraccaroli, A.M. Monguzzi, M. Moretti, A. Giudici, G. Volpi (p.186)

ArcheoRisk: a Decision Support System on the Environmental Risk 
for Archeological Sites in the Venice Lagoon
Carlon, C., A. Marcomini, L. Fozzati, P. Scanferla, S. Bertazzon, 
S. Bassa, F. Zanovello, S. Foramiti, R. Chiarlo, F. Penzo (p.192)

Regional Integrated Management Information System
Cameron, M.A., B. Croke, K.L. Taylor, G. Walker, B. Watson (p.198)
Resource assessment

Methodological and software tools for public local transport planning in the Lombardy Region
Arcari, S., E. Laniado, P. Tagliavini (p.204)

Modelling the impact of environmental policies on minerals investment
O'Regan, B., R. Moles (p.210)

Multi-criteria decision support system for designing and monitoring 
sustainable industrial strategies, an Italian case study 
Di Mauro, C., J.P. Nordvik, A.C. Lucia (p.216)
Integrating Ecological Models
Coordinated by Alexey Voinov (University of Maryland, USA)

Integrating methods

Selecting the appropriate time step in an integrated systems model
de Kok, J.L., H.G. Wind (p.222)

Cell Interaction in Semi-Markov Forest Landscape Models
Monticino, M.G., T. Cogdill, M.F. Acevedo (p.227)

Indirect Effects in Ecosystems: a Review of Recent Modelling Studies 
and a Methodological Framework for Comparative Theoretical Analysis
Krivtsov, V. (p.233)

DESCARTES and EFIMOD: An Integrated System for Simulation Modelling 
and Exploration Data Analysis for Decision Support in Sustainable Forestry
Komarov, A., O. Chertov, G. Andrienko, N. Andrienko, A. Mikhailov, P. Gatalsky (p.239)
Integrating models

Efficient compensation payments for the protection of species: 
application of an ecological-economic model
Drechsler, M., K. Johst, F. Wätzold (p.245)

Sensitivity analysis of VELFEEM - Venice Lagoon Finite Element Ecological Model - 
to physical forcings variations.
Melaku Canu, D., C. Solidoro, G. Umgiesser (p.251)

Prediction and Management of Water Quality in Water Storage Reservoirs
Dasic, T., B. Djordjevic (p.257)

Modular Ecosystem Modelling
Voinov, A., C. Fitz, T. Maxwell, R. Boumans, R. Costanza (p.263)
Do we want to integrate at all?

Avenues of Spatially Explicit Population Dynamics Modeling - A par excellence Example 
For Mathematical Heterogeneity in Ecological Models?
Seppelt, R. (p.269)

Integrated Catchment Modelling
Coordinated by Claudio Gandolfi (University of Milan, Italy)

Integrated Water Quality Modelling: Ben Chifley Dam Catchment, Australia
Newham, L.T.H., A.J. Jakeman, R.A. Letcher, 
A.L. Heathwaite, C.J. Smith, D. Large (p.275)

Multiscale and multicriterial hydrological validation of the ecohydrological 
model SWIM: from meso- to macroscale river basins
Hattermann, F., V. Krysanova, F. Wechsung, M. Wattenbach (p.281)

Integrated modelling for nutrient loading of polder lakes.
van Puijenbroek, P.J.T.M., J. Knoop (p.287)

A Conceptual Approach to Multiple-Model Integration in Whole Site Risk Assessments
Albers, E.P., K.R. Dixon (p.293)

A Distributed Simulation System for Irrigation Planning at the Catchment Scale 
Gandolfi, C., A. Facchi, B. Ortuani, D. Maggi (p.299)

Use of HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS models with ArcView for hydrologic risk management
Pistocchi, A., P. Mazzoli (p.305)

Sensitivity Testing of a Biophysical Toolbox for Exploring Water Resources Utilisation 
and Management Options
Merritt, W.S., B.F.W. Croke, A.J. Jakeman (p.311)

Sensitivity of the INCA model to N process parameters and hydrological input
Rankinen, K., A. Lepistö, K. Granlund (p.317)

An Integrated Modelling Approach for Assessing Water Policy Rules and Land Use Change Options
Gilmour, J., R. Letcher (p.322)

Modelling the impact of water reuse strategies on hydrologic flows 
in the Blackwater & Chelmer catchments,UK
Jeffrey, P., T. Oxley	 (p.328)
Accounting for Landuse and Landscape Controls in Hydrological Modelling
Coordinated by Teemu Kokkonen (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)

Predicting hydrologic response from physio-climatic controls: 
an application to ungauged sub-catchments of the Burdekin River, North Queensland
Post, D.A., B.F.W. Croke (p.334)

Hydrotope-Based River Flow Simulation in a Swiss Alpine Catchment Accounting 
for Topographic, Micro-Climatic and Landuse Controls
Salvetti, A., W. Ruf, P. Burlando, U. Juon, C. Lehmann (p.340)

Use of Catchment Attributes to Identify the Scale and Values of Distributed Parameters 
in Surface and Sub-surface Conceptual Hydrology Models
Carlile, P.W., A.J. Jakeman, B.F.W. Croke, B.J. Lees (p.346)

Detection of Structural Changes in River Dynamics by Radar-Based Earth Observation Methods
Stabel, E., P. Fisher (p.352)

Dynamics of the Surface Water Circulation between a River and Fishponds in a Sub-Mountain Area
Szumiec, M.A., D. Augustyn (p.358)
Parsimonious Catchment-Scale Hydrological Modelling: 
Methods, Uncertainties, Software and Applications 
Coordinated by Ian Littlewood (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, United Kingdom)

Invited paper:  Data-Based Mechanistic and Top-Down Modelling
Young, P.C. (p.363)

Linearisation of highly resolved substance transport models by temporal aggregation of model outputs
Forsman, Å., A. Grimvall (p.375)

Data-Based Mechanistic Modelling of Rainfall-Runoff Processes 
and its Application in a Complex Hydrological Context
Bogner, K., B. Hingray, A. Musy (p.381)

Development of A Cell-Based Parsimonious Catchment Model
Fistikoglu, O., N.B. Harmancioglu (p.387)

Process-Based Ecohydrological Modeling at the River Basin Scale and Options for Regionalisation
Krysanova, V., F. Hattermann, F. Wechsung (p.393)

Parsimonious Catchment and River Flow Modelling
Khatibi, R.H., R.J. Moore, M.J. Booij, D. Cadman, G. Boyce (p.399)

Preliminary assessment of a unit hydrograph- based continuous flow simulation model for Bulgarian rivers 
Zlatunova, D., G. Gergov, I. Littlewood (p.405)

Parallel Processing for a Better Understanding of Equifinality in Hydrological Models
Hreiche A., D. Mezher, C. Bocquillon, A. Dezetter, E. Servat, W. Najem (p.410)

Sequential development of a conceptual hydrological model considering alpine basin processes.
Holzmann, H., H.P. Nachtnebel (p.416)

Sequential Simplification of the Effective Rainfall Part 
of a Rainfall-Streamflow Model for a Small Kenyan Catchment
Littlewood, I.G. (p.422)

A One-Parameter Groundwater Discharge Model Linked to the IHACRES Rainfall-Runoff Model
Croke, B.F.W., A.B. Smith, A.J. Jakeman (p.428)

A Generic Framework for the Identification of Parsimonious Rainfall-Runoff Models 
Wagener, T., H.S. Wheater (p.434)

Conceptually-based multivariate simulation of monthly runoff
Claps, P. (p.440)

Appropriate Hydrological Modelling of Climate Change Impacts on River Flooding
Booij, M.J. (p.446)

A Soil Hydrology-Based Catchment Water Resources Model
Maréchal, D., I.P. Holman (p.452)

Using a Parsimonious Rainfall-Runoff Model to Detect Non-stationarities 
in the Hydrological Behavior of Watersheds
Andréassian, V., E. Parent, C. Perrin, C. Michel (p.458)

Calibration of a parsimonious rainfall-runoff model: a sensitivity analysis from local to regional scale
Drogue, G., A. El Idrissi, L. Pfister, T. Leviandier, J.-F. Iffly, L. Hoffmann	 (p.464)

Estimation of High Floods by Three Rainfall-Runoff Models 
with Short Rainfall-Runoff Series (Alzette River Basin, Luxembourg)
El Idrissi, A., G. Drogue, G., L. Pfister, J.-F Iffly, L. Hoffmann, B. Hingray, F. Guex (p.470)

Structures and Performances of Five Rainfall-Runoff Models for Continuous River-Flow Simulation
Goswami, M., K.M. O'Connor, A.Y. Shamseldin (p.476)

Modeling the temporal variations in leachate quantity generated at Kahrizak landfill
Safari, E., C. Baronian (p.482)