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iEMSs 2002
Integrated Assessment and Decision Support

Lake Lugano
24-27 June 2002
Lugano, Switzerland

News (Updated 19 July 2002)
Transcript of the Welcome message addressed to iEMSs 2002 participants, by the Hon. Marco Borradori, State Councillor of Cantone Ticino (PDF, in Italian, external link).
Student awards and commendations have been a key feature of the Conference. A prize of 300 CHF in cash has been awarded to the recipients of the iEMSs Student Awards. The recipient of commendations will receive a certificate.

The winners of the iEMSs awards are:

  • Felix Chan, Australia (category: socio-economic systems)
  • David Marechal, Great Britain (catergory: natural systems)
  • Giorgio Corani, Italy (category: general systems)
The student commendations have been awarded to:
Socio-economic systems
  • Kai Brassel
  • Suhejla Hoti

General systems

  • Eva Trasforini
  • Christopher Pettit

Natural systems

  • Elmar Kriegler
  • Michaela Saisana

Introducing a Masters programme in Integrated Assessment. This workshop, organised by Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Anne van der Veen, has been aimed at scientists and practitioners interested in a comprehensive educational programme in Integrated Assessment.

Sponsored by:
Swiss National Science Foundation SNF logo
iEMSs (the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society)
IDSIA (Istituto Dalle Molle di studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale, a USI/SUPSI institute)
SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland)
USI (University of Lugano)
Cooperating groups:
ISEM, International Society for Ecological Modelling
BESAI, Binding Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence
MODSS, International Conference on Multi-objective Decision Support Systems
for Land, Water and Environmental Management
ISESS, International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems 
ERCIM, 9th Workshop of the Working Group Environmental Modelling 

The International Environmental Modelling and Software Society

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