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Discussion space - W5: Qualitative models for Sustainability

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Position Paper

Position paper under discussion: WorkshopPaper.pdf Δ

New Abstracts

Steps for submitting a new abstract:

0 - Be careful: when uploading in the next step, name the file attached like this: YourNameofFirstAuthor_et_al.pdf

1 - Upload the file clicking below were says "click here"

2 - After uploading, edit this WIKI (see edit button on the top right corner), add one empty line and the following line at the bottom of the next section "Abstracts already uploaded": '''Abstract by YourNameofFirstAuthor et al''': [[Attach:YourNameofFirstAuthor_et_al.pdf | Abstract by YourNameofFirstAuthor et al]]

Abstracts already uploaded

1. Abstract by Barz
2. Abstract by Bredeweg et al Δ
3. Abstract by Dias and Salles
4. Abstract by Liem and Bredeweg
5. Abstract by Nakova et al
6. Abstract by Noble et al
7. Abstract by Nuttle and Bouwer
8. Abstract by Nuttle et al
9. Abstract by Salles Bredeweg and Caldas
10. Abstract by Salles et al
11. Abstract by Silvano and Salles
12. Abstract by Zitek et al


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