Today : Thu, 29 Jul 21 .


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The congress joins together several interest groups working in different but complementary features and/or scientific fields in Environmental Modelling, Assessment, Decision Making and Information Technologies. This time, the focus will be stressed on Integrating Sciences and Information Technology for Environmental Assessment and Decision Making.

Some topics of interest, but not limited to, could be:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) contributions to environment management, resource policy development and environmental impact reduction
  • The role of ICT in responding to environmental challenges and preventing environmental problems
  • The relationship between ICT research development and environmental degradation
  • Integration and distribution of ICT applied to environmental issues
  • Environmental user as an important actor
  • Environmental risk management
  • Real-time environment management
  • Environmental emergencies management
  • Integrated modelling and forecasting
  • Adaptive management
  • Decision making models and public participation
  • Policy and institutional analysis
  • Ecosystem management
  • Decision support tools and software
  • Intelligent Environmental Decision Support Systems (IEDSS)
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery in environmental sciences
  • Multi-agent systems for environmental domains
  • Spatial and temporal reasoning in environmental domains
  • Uncertainty in environmental domains
  • Novel use of ontologies in environmental domains
  • Validation of environmental ICT tools
  • Benchmarking for environmental ICT tools