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Questions & Answers

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Here you will find some of the most common questions and their answers about the iEMSs 2008 Congress, but if you have further trouble, contact iEMSS 2008 Convenor (

How can I submit my contributions to the Congress?

Two clearly different paths for sending submissions:

  • Session abstracts (as a first step) and full session papers (final step) must be sent through the Web Conference Management Tool (WCMT)
  • Workshop position papers and workshop abstracts must be sent through the Workshops Discussion Space Wiki (WDSW)

Which are the different ways of participation in the Congress?

Types of Congress participants:

Congress participants are of 4 types:

  • Attendees: people attending whatever event (session, workshop, plenary talks, etc.) in the Congress but no really contributing with any session paper neither any workshop abstract nor position paper
  • Session contributors: people contributing to a sesion with a paper (and previously with an abstract)
  • Workshop contributors: people contributing to a workshop with an abstract or a position paper
  • Session & Workshop contributors: people contributing both to a sesion with a paper (and previously with an abstract), and also to a workshop with an abstract or a position paper.

How can I register and pay the conference fees?

Roadmap for registering & payment at the WCMT:

All Congress Participants must undertake the registration and payment with the WCMT.

  • Attendees: they must use the WCMT only to register and pay. Thus, they will only need to follow step 1 and step 3 of WCMT instructions.
  • Workshop Contributors: they must use the WCMT only to register and pay. Thus, they will only need to follow step 1, step 2a and step 3 of WCMT instructions.
  • Session contributors: they must follow the three steps of WCMT instructions, so that they must send the session contribution through the WCMT (step 2b), and also they must register and pay (steps 1 and 3).
  • Session & Workshop contributors: they must follow the three steps of WCMT instructions, so that they must send the session contribution through the WCMT (step 2b), they must send their workshop contribution through the WDSW (step 2a), and also they must register and pay (steps 1 and 3).

Do I need to register co-authors of a session abstract/paper?

Assignment of co-authors is not ever needed:

The assignment of co-authors is not even necessary unless the main author is not presenting the paper. In that case, it is mandatory that the co-author who is presenting the paper be assigned as a co-author, in order that she/he can be registered and make the appropriate fee payment for the congress. If other co-authors are attending the congress, and thus, they also need to make their fee payment, they must be registered as co-authors.

Thus, it is important to list coauthors especially when a coauthor is expected to attend the conference and deliver the paper in place of the person who submitted the abstract. Anyway, the association between paper and authors can be done at any stage by the person who originally submitted the abstract.

How can I post a Workshop Position Paper or a Workshop abstract in the Workshop Discussion Space Wiki?

Workshops Discussion Space Wikis (WDSWs) operation:

The idea of the workshops track is that they are a "not so formal" track as the sessions track. That is to say that workshop organisers can manage themselves all the process as they want. Of course a workshop abstract reviewing process will be done, and the workshop deadlines must be satisfied.

For that reason, a Workshop Discussion Space Wiki (WDSW) was created for each workshop. Each WDSW is protected against editing and uploading with a password which is known by the Workshop organiser main contact. Please contact her/him to receive the password. A template was created for Workshop organisers and workshop participants, but you can edit your WDSW as you want. It is very simple. Concretely it were created:

  • One template for uploading/downloading the Workshop Position Paper (WPP): Position paper under discussion: [[Attach:positionPaper.pdf| Workshop1Paper.pdf]]
  • One template for uploading New Abstracts: New Abstracts, where the 3 steps for submitting a new abstract are detailed.
  • One template for Abstracts already uploaded
  • One comment box

If the WPP have not been already uploaded, you can see a superscript triangle at the end of the link of WorkshopPaper.pdf template. That means that your Wiki is ready to accept an upload (provided that you know the password of the WDSW) when you click on the link. After the WPP has been uploaded the triangle does not appear anymore. Now the link is ready to download the WPP when you click on the link.
Only one caution: when uploading a file in the attach wiki service you select the file you want to upload (browsing in your computer), and then you can name the attachment as you want. If you maintain the name that the template offers you, you do not have to do anthing else!!!!, but if you change the attachment name, then you should edit your wiki space to get a new template like: [['''new_name_you_have_given.pdf | whatever_name_you_want_to_appear_in_the_web''']] If you do not make this change in the template, the file, even though it has been uploaded in the wiki space, cannot be downloaded from the web.

For submitting a new abstract to the workshop, please follow the instructions in the wiki space.

It is really very simple. Please try it, and you will see that it is quite powerful and useful.


  • To edit the Wiki and to upload files in the WDSWs people needs to know the workshop password which Workshop organisers know. Contact them to obtain the password
  • To download files and to post comments from the WDSWs there is not any permission required
  • We have provided a template to show how workshop organisers and workshop participants could organise their wiki space, but following the idea of a wiki, all could be collaboratively organised and done as their organisers and/or workshop participants want
  • Wikis have an extremely collaborative and fast working spirit which make them very attractive
  • Pressing the edit button you can edit your space as you want: to add/modify/delete templates and whatever information you want in your wiki space
  • Once providing the password you can see on the right top corner of your WDSW one new button: Attach. Pressing attach you can attach files to the attach space of your wiki, and also you can browse which files have been uploaded in the attach space of your wiki.

If you have doubts, in htpp:/ explains the basic options of the wiki. Specially, the section about "Basic Editing".

I hope this will help you. If not, contact the workshop organiser to receive further and specialised instructions

What will be appearing in the Proceedings of the Congress ?

Proceedings of the iEMSS 2008 Congress:

In the Electronic Proceedings of iEMSs 2008 Congress will appear:

  • All accepted session papers
  • All accepted workshop position papers
  • All accepted workshop abstracts

provided that, at least, one author of each contribution will have paid the registration fee for attending the Congress